A video presentation on artasiamerica.org – an Asian American Artists Archive – will be showing 24/7 starting January 8th through March in the widow of 384 Broadway. LUNCH POEMS - MISS EXPANDING UNIVERSE. 

神奇現像所 Magic Image Labs. Organized by 另一種影像記事 The Other Cinema / Taipei - Taiwan - LUNCH POEMS (VHS series) with Miss Expanding Universe (Ashley Yang-Thompson) and 愛是唯一真正的抵抗行動- LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUE ACT OF RESISTANCE with Ann Chen photo by 朱祈安

Cross-cultural artists : Miss expanding Universe (Ashley Yang-Thompson) and J Triangular : Poetry/video series called Lunch Poems (VHS Tapes). The aim is to elevate the everyday heroic actions of ordinary people to Fine Art. We celebrate achievements in the Domestic Arts. Performance art extend into everyday life. Methaphysics of acts. Every day a new poem, a videotape recorded in New York City. The videotapes are also accompanied with an album of analog photos (35mm). Through the use of mirrors, time and intimacy. Exhibited at Hunter east Harlem, Powrplnt, Brooklyn, New York, Flux Factory - Long Island City. Magic Image labs- Taipei- 濕地 venue.


Unbroken-Unbreakable (VHS Diary) VIDEOJAM at the knockdown Center. New York City, Scored by Coatie Pop “Since my first experimental films I have based my work on poetry. For this special project I have unified the poetry of Basquiat (and prayers), with his influences; from William Burroughs to the legacy of the New York no wave music scene and the gospel Of San Juan, a favorite of his. Projecting VHS tapes on public walls of New York, this project seeks to revive the basic truth of cinema, concrete poetry, one flesh with night, collective psyche, transgression is a game. This is the story of a martyr artist who did not follow the rules, a neon poet, but above all a love story, swimming light – a new kind of religion, a VHS diary At park church co-op Live projections, VHS dreams, and 3D sculptures. Planned parenthood monthly benefit show, and each sunday and Saturday. Collaborations with: Tzuan Wu, Hyun-wook Seo, Alice Cohen, Calvin Lecompte, Bentley Anderson, Chen An-An, Din- Ra & WaterghOst.

An An Chen and her love J Triangular install a rectangular charcoal wall drawing rubbed directly onto the wall, with her love, artist J Triangular. The title is taken from an artwork by Do Ho Suh, which Chen references and relocates into a queer context. Chen and Triangular will spend two hours rubbing charcoal within the rectangle boundaries, never stopping or talking during the process.

Rubbing Loving from Chia Florez on Vimeo.