J Triangular: Independent Curator/Multimedia Poet/Visual Artist

Colombia Born-Taiwan Based


2019 Mental Health First Aid Course. Flux Factory, New York City.

2016  Introduction to the psychology of Eneatips, SAT, Fundación Claudio Naranjo.  Santiago de Chile. Chile

2014 Workshop Sensory Ethnography Lab by Harvard University. Santiago de Chile. Chile

2013 Master of Experimental Documentary at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audivisuals de Catalunya) Barcelona. Spain

2012 Workshop of Dramaturgy and Theatre at AAT (Asociación de Autoras y Autores de Teatro) Madrid, Spain

2012 Workshop of Experimental Film at UCM (Complutense University) Madrid, Spain

2012 Film and new media studies at TAI University, Madrid. Spain

2011 Workshop of Tarot, Metagenealogy and Psicomagic with Alejandro Jodorowsky, Santiago de Chile. Chile

Curatorial projects/Group exhibition/Screenings

2021 After Hope, Videos of Resistance exhibition. Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. US.

2020  “The Chronology of the heart” at Badeverbot Exhibition in Flux at Schaumbad-Freies Atelierhaus Graz. Austria.

2020 “The Whole World is watching” web series at Franziska-encounter of moving image. Mexico DF.

2019  RUB Major exhibition curator, a month exhibition at Flux Factory Gallery, New York. US.

2019 The Whole world is Watching” TV web series at the public and educational television channel in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

2019 Complete Lunch Poems films at the program: Changing the picture: Radical voices in contemporary Asian Cinema, Museum of the moving Image. New York. US.

2019 Screening complete retrospective of experimental films in Super8 and VHS at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.

2019 Solo show: multimedia-installation Kyoto Hell- Kyoto Makai at the Kyoto Art Center. Japan

2019 “The Whole world is Watching” TV web series at Visual Activism, at AKTA community and activist center. Tokyo, Japan.

2019 “The Whole world is Watching” TV web series at 瘟疫的慢性處方, Interminable Prescriptions for the Plague. Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei, Taiwan.

2019 “The Whole world is Watching” TV web series at Queer Visions, Doshisha University. Kyoto, Japan.

2019 Screening of films made at DIY video workshop at Japanese Tea Salon, Kyoto Art Center. Japan.

2019 Film Retrospective at the independent international film fair, FECI Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia.

2019 Screening Lunch Poems: Demented Dedication at CINEMQ, Shanghai, China.

2019 RUB at Printed Matter, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, US.

2019 “The Whole World is Watching” TV web series, episode n4 at Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), New York, NY

2018 “Love is the only true act of resistance” at 志趣相投 Kindred Spirit, TCAC- Taiwan Contemporary Art Center.

2018 “Love is the only true act of resistance” at the Genderhouse Festival, Aarhus, Denmark.

2018 “Lunch Poems” at Die ErsteVertikale - The First Vertical. Horta, the island of Faial in the Azores.

2018 Rub at NTU Center for contemporary art Singapore

2018 Rubbing/Loving at YES, TAIWAN. AKI-Gallery. Taipei- Taiwan

2018 Rub at at the “Freedom School” at SPRING/BREAK Art Show— Armory arts week- New York.

2018 Rub at 意象萎縮 Spectacular Atrophy 01803. Taipei.

2018  Selected Works For Asian American Art Center : Lunch Poems. Permanent Collection. Chinatown Community Art Space. 384 Broadway, New York. NY

2017 Magic Image Lab, Multimedia performance: Lunch Poems. Venue B1. Taipei- Taiwan.

2017 RU Exhibition: A part of it. By Chen An-An. New York City. US

2017 “Dreams really do come true” exhibition by Miss Expanding Universe. Lunch Poems series. Flux Factory. New York City. US

2017 Exhibition of “Lunch Poems” at Biennial of new media arts. Santiago de Chile. Chile

2017  Invited Curator and participant filmmaker “Tongue Tide” special screening Poetry, Performance and feminist videoart. Flux Factory, Queens, New York. US

2017 Multimedia performance: Lunch Poems at Hunter East Harlem Gallery. New York City

2017 Multimedia Performance: Lunch Poems at Powrplnt Gallery, Brooklyn. New York City

2017 Multimedia performance at Festival of Experimental film “Autopsia”.  The District Cinemateque. Bogotá- Colombia

2017  Planned Parenthood monthly benefit show at Park Church Co-Op. New York City. US

2017  Curator and filmmaker “Cosmic Unity” new shamanism and spirituality, experimental art and feminist video art: Tarot Society, Flux Factory Gallery, Park Church Co-op . New York City.  US

2016  Participant filmmaker and installation of the major exhibition ABCNORIO : Against Competitions/Towards Mutual Aid. Flux Factory, Queens, New York. US

2016 Exhibition: Eena Ferroix (music Film) at jail for women around Bogotá – Colombia. Cineclub women filmmakers.

2015 Film Retrospective of Celestial Twins (J Triangular and Diego Barrera) Modern Museum of Art, Medellín-Colombia

2014  Organizer of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Thee Majesty Poetry Performance; coordinator of cultural partners: the Biennial of Media Art, The David Lynch Fundation, Cultural Park of Valparaiso. Curator and coordinator of short-film screaning. Valparaiso - Chile

2014 Suit Corner Toshy – Hotel Flat Iron, New York, US

2014 Participation in the Haxan Festival of Occult Art, San Francisco, US

2014 Chaosphere videoart inspire in Coil – Berlin, Germany

2014 Exhibition at Contemporary Art Fair Ch.ACO, Santiago de Chile, Chile

2014 Part of independent Festival of Mar del Plata, Argentina

2014 Participation in the “women´s perspectives” Exhibition, Matadero, Madrid and Valladolid. Spain

2014 Participant of Jaal Photo, Madrid-Spain AAF (Affordable Art Fair) London, Stockholm, Hong-Kong

2013 Curator and filmmaker of “Experimental spiritual cinema and art” La Tabacalera-Madrid-Spain

2013 Gallego Center CGAI (Images and art) Coruña – Spain

SGAE “Galician Audiovisual Academy” in Barcelona, in collaboration with the catalán film academy, Barcelona, Spain

2013 Official selection in the “optics Festival” with the videoclip “Barriers-Felt Drawings” super8 film.

2013 Exhibition of the video film “Barriers-Felt Drawings” Casa Encendida-Madrid and Laboral Centro de Arte-Gijón

2013 Participant of Fluxus Festival, special: Women experimental Filmmakers, Antic Teatre, Barcelona

2013 Edinburgh Art Fair Milan, Gaudi Gallery, Italy

2013 Affordable Art Fair Milan, Alicia Rey Gallery, Italy

2013 Participant at Art Space Florence, Italy

Artist talk/Workshops:

2020 “POETIC ACTIVISM” Workshop, educative program part of After Hope at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

2020 Artist Talk; A call to a radical reimagination-resistance is our hope: Demented Dedication (Lunch Poems), international working group, part of After Hope exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

2019 Release of the Book: A Landscape of Ghosts at RUB major exhibition, Flux Factory Gallery, New York. US.

2019 Experimental video - Master Class at at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.

2019 Cross cultural experiential parallels of Ghosts as agents of cultural memory in Japan. Details of the multimedia installation at Kyoto Art Center. Kyoto, Japan.

2019 DIY video workshop at Kyoto Art Center. Kyoto, Japan.

2017 Feminist Self-Publishing Workshop at Flux Factory, New York.

2017 For the major exhibition ABCNORIO : Against Competitions/Towards Mutual Aid. Artist Talk: How to build comunities and cinema of resistance with analog formats for the New School students. Flux Factory, Queens, New York. US

Artist Residencies/Awards

2019 International circulation grant from the Colombia Ministry of Culture.

2019 Major exhibition RUB grants from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, The Andy Warhol Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts.

2019 Visual Artist in residence at Kyoto Art Center, Japan.

2019 Shannon Michael Cane Award, Printed Matter, LA for independent editorial RUB. 

2019 Curatorial Residency with Visual Aids and Residency Unlimited

2017 Experimental videoartist in residence at Flux Factory, Queens, NYC.