J Triangular is a queer poet, experimental filmmaker (DIY videoartist), independent curator, and photographer. Triangular made art projects who speaks about resistance, gender dynamics and memory landscapes. Poetic portraits of the unresolved social violence history and the rupture of identity in a culture of manufactured fear and legally institutionalized discriminations. Since her early films in super8 made in Spain and her curatorial projects in spaces in Madrid like Tabakalera art space and Fundación Triángulo (Triangle Fundation) she always has been consistent in her themes, counterculture and music, queer community identity and self-empowerment. Radical forms of queer memory and resistance, projects of social transformation. Art and collective action with the use of accessible technologies, camcorder activism, promoting communication and solidarity. Emphasizing the contrast, the activation of social consciousness and emotional compassion, cementing community bonds and transforming disillusionment into strength.

In 2014 Triangular and her brother Diego Barrera together with their TV and film collective: Celestial Twins, created a queer music and film festival, connecting transgender identity with music, an educational encounter called “Celestial Festival” in Chile. With the live concert of Genesis Breyer P Orridge (Psychic Tv) special screenings of movies and performances like the ones of Joey Arias and Tara Transistory aka One Man Nation from Thailand. And with conferences and workshops called: Trans-feminist Education in the PCdV/Cultural park of Valparaíso: with OTD (Organization of Transsexuals for the dignity of Diversity) a Non-profit organization that dignifies and empowers trans people by educating and sensitizing the community. OTD opened its doors to the diversity of transgender and intersex people and their families giving counseling for the transition of gender, free psychological care, accompaniment in the admission to the health system, advice on legal causes for legal recognition of gender identity and in situations of discrimination and / or violence. Also with the Lemebel Collective (name in honor of the performer, and writer member of the “the mares of the apocalypse” Pedro Lemebel. This group is high school political collective which deals with issues on gender and sexuality oriented in feminism. (With the help of the teachers' union).

During the year 2017 when the artist J Triangular was a resident in Flux Factory, New York, she was an active part not only as an experimental filmmaker, independent curator but as a dynamic community builder, always open for a new series of collaborations with different artists from new york and the world, with exhibitions in galleries like hunter east Harlem, Powrplnt, Brooklyn, New York, And Park Churck Co-Op, a church in greenpoint where she usually cooperate with resident artists in Flux as Hyunwook Seo (From South Korea) , Tzuan Wu (Taiwan) and many international musicians like M Lamar.
Triangular it been exhibiting her “Lunch Poems” videotapes a collaboration with the poet Ashley Yang-Thompson for the Asian American Art Archive with Chashama: Chinatown Community art space and ErsteVertikale worldwide/ vertical film program, 24 hours of vertical cinema from around the world.

I would like to highlight two major exhibitions in Flux Factory in which she exhibited and organized musical meetings, video art shows and multimedia performances with ABC No Rio in Exile at Flux Factory/Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid. She also organize experimental film shows with emphasis on performance, and language; women and film, the most inspiring and innovative works in languages such as Spanish, Quechua, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese with TONGUE TIDE with artists who live and create in Queens. Her solo show at Flux Factory called: Cosmic unity, has strong references and invited artist of the latin-american avant-garde and include experimental, innovative and radical pieces of contemporary art. And new music films of her collective Celestial Twins with Diego Barrera.

She also participated in other exhibitions, and multimedia performances with the artist Ashley Yang-Thompson with a film project VHS diary and poetry called: Lunch Poems; exploring the poetics of everyday life, music, poetry, travel and film. These video tapes after New York were presented in Taipei with the other cinema collective. During her residency at Flux Factory, J Triangular helped to organize and was commissioned to create a new video piece for the UK collective VIDEOJAM in relation to the life and legacy of Jean Michel Basquiat, for this event in the knockdown center, Triangular not only create an analog experimental piece recorded in the Bronx, She also acted as musical curator to find the other musicians for the live score.

With the aim of expanding and uniting the connections between the residents artists and the community in New York, together with the artist Cayla Lockwood, she created a newsletter, a magazine of neo-dada style, neo-cosmic called: RUB with the spirit of create an strong experimental community, publishing their own poems and analog photography. With interviews to the artists Shu Lea Cheang and Ashley Hans Scheirl.   As a final point but no less remarkable, During her residency J Triangular met her new collaborator An-An Chen with her she is currently working on a project that includes video tapes, poetry, installations and analog photographic albums involving the theme of queerness and the film “Love is the only true act of resistence” - 愛是唯一真正的抵抗行動

Triangular is currently collaborating in Taipei with the artist Chen An An for an installation on a poem that she made after the death of her collaborator the actor Ricardo Olea due to complications related to AIDS.