I am an independent curator, experimental filmmaker, multimedia poet, and community builder. Born in Colombia, based in Taiwan. My work reflects on the creation of avant-garde queer collectives, mental health, and activism against the stigma of HIV. Cinema as a social practice. Cinema as a place of freedom. My work has been widely exhibited in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and Latin America. Recently, it has been featured in museums such as the New Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum, Asian Art Museum, Cinemateca de Bogotá, among many others, and galleries like State of Concept in Athens, Greece.

After various projects with Visual AIDS that combat HIV-related stigma, such as the web series titled 'The Whole World is Watching,' and for Day With(out) Art, the collaborative documentary project 'Drops of Hope,' along with numerous experimental short films and music videos like 'Lunch Poems' with Miss Expanding Universe (Ashley Yang-Thompson) presented at Documenta 15 in Kassel, Germany. I have been actively organizing and empowering local communities, gathering stories of women living with HIV and sapphic/Trans love songs. “The First Kiss of The Night¨ is not the typical queer story; it is a unique narrative that speaks of love from a fresh and original perspective.